The Power of Sound for Revision

Does music help revision?

I have been reading an interesting research article today. It is all to do with the effect sound and noise has on our ability to process and understand information – especially important for GCSE and A-Level studying.

Here is the article in full:…/NoiseCognitiveFunctionandWork…

The main relevant points are:

  • a 10db noise increase leads to a 5% drop in productivity
  • Noise really hurts detailed work. With a some noise, software engineers find fewer bugs, productivity drops, & many tasks, such as revision, are disrupted.

So bearing this in mind, my best advice for exam season is to try and provide your teenagers with a quiet space for them to work. There are many conflicting studies on whether listening to music while studying is a good thing or a bad thing – that is best left to the teenager themselves to decide!

But if you can create a quite and calm environment, you will be doing your bit to help them through revision.

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