What is difference between tutoring and coaching?

Often when a student is struggling, the first thought is to hire a private tutor. In some cases this can be an effective way to address the problem. However, in some cases where a student is struggling in more than one subject, it can be far more effective to look into academic performance coaching as a solution to the problem. Tutors will work very specifically on a problem area in a problem subject, whereas, an Academic Performance Coach will look at the student as a whole and try to identify and address the barriers that are preventing them from fulfilling their potential.


An Academic Performance Coach will look to build a set of skills that the student can use in all of the subjects and, indeed, throughout their lives as opposed to skills which will help them pass a specific exam. Academic Performance Coaches will help with feeling overwhelmed when it comes to revision, studying and exams.


  • Expert input
  • Helps to pass a test or exam
  • Specific knowledge from a specific subject
  • 1 to 1 support


  • Expert input
  • Helps develop skills for success in all subjects
  • Helps form habits that can last a lifetime
  • Work on developing the person rather than passing the exam
  • 1 to 1 coaching