Ikigai: Finding Purpose, Passion and Motivation to Study in Your Life

Ikigai and the motivation to study:

Welcome! In this article, we dive deep into a concept that can help you craft your long-term goals and find clarity in your life’s journey as well as helping find that crucial motivation to revise – the Japanese concept of Ikigai. If you’re grappling with finding your unique direction or purpose, this might just be the guide you need.

Why Ikigai?

Broadly speaking, ‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese term that translates to one’s ‘reason for being’ or a sense of purpose. It beautifully blends four integral elements: passion, mission, vocation, and profession. When these components find harmony, an individual is believed to lead a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. It’s no wonder then that this ancient concept has gained modern-day popularity amongst those seeking happiness and purpose.

Ikigai (生き甲斐, lit. ’a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. Look

Ikigai can be important for young people as it can help reveal potential ways forward for them in their lives and careers which can then crucially provide the motivation to study and revise!

Breaking Down Ikigai

Now, you might be wondering, how do we visualize Ikigai? While there are various interpretations, a common depiction is through a Venn diagram. Imagine four overlapping circles that signify:

Ikigai venn diagram to help young people find their motivation to study
  • Skills – What you excel at.
  • Love – Activities or tasks you adore.
  • World’s Needs – The greater global requirements, beyond your personal ones.
  • Money – What can financially sustain you.

The sweet spot, right at the intersection of these circles, is where Ikigai lies. It represents the optimal blend of what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, what the world needs, and what can bring you monetary contentment. And when you find your Ikigai, you will have endless motivation to study, revise and complete your education.

Finding Your Ikigai: An Illustration

Let’s paint a picture. Suppose you possess a knack for engaging with and understanding people. You also genuinely enjoy assisting others. Thus, your passion circles around interpersonal interactions. Now, taking a global view, our world will always need roles that require excellent people skills – think teaching, nursing, or policing. The final piece of the puzzle is the financial aspect. Let’s say a starting salary of £30,000 aligns with your desired lifestyle. Voilà! A career in teaching could potentially be your Ikigai.

However, life is seldom this straightforward. If you aspire for a higher income, you might need to consider other professions that tap into your interpersonal strengths, passion, and cater to the world’s needs.

For me, I’ve found my Ikigai in doing this very work I’m sharing with you. Harnessing the myriad skills I’ve cultivated over my career, coupled with my genuine love for supporting young people in realising their potential, it aligns perfectly with the world’s requirements. And yes, it does keep the lights on at home! I am incredibly grateful that you’re on this journey with me.

Your Turn: Mapping Out Your Ikigai

If you’re still feeling adrift concerning your long-term aspirations, the Ikigai Venn diagram can be a game-changer. Plot out your strengths, passions, the world’s needs, and financial objectives. If you’re seeking a partner-in-crime for this exercise, drop me an email. Together, we can find your Ikigai and potentially alter the trajectory of your life and harness your motivation to study, revise and thrive!

In essence, your Ikigai is a compass, pointing you towards a life brimming with purpose and happiness. All you have to do is embark on the voyage.

Interested in exploring this further? Get in touch, and let’s find your Ikigai together.