Boosting Revision Success with Sketches: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

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Boosting Your Teenager’s Revison Success with Sketches: A Practical Guide for Parents As parents, witnessing our teenagers navigate the challenging terrain of GCSE exams can be an emotionally charged experience. Faced with mountains of information and the pressure to retain and comprehend it all, even the most capable students can feel overwhelmed. While traditional study […]

When should I start revising? The ultimate guide to A-Level and GCSE revision

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The classic question, when should I begin revising? The spectre of exams looms large, casting a long shadow over students and parents alike. The age-old question, “When should I start revising?” echoes through households, often prompting conflicting advice, last-minute panic, and a desperate scramble for flashcards. But fear not, brave warriors of academia! The key […]

Overcoming Academic Anxiety: A Guide for Parents and Teens

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This guide offers strategies for parents to help teens with academic anxiety, emphasizing the importance of recognizing early signs, such as worry about grades and physical symptoms. It attributes anxiety to pressures to perform, disorganization, and fear of failure, suggesting organization, creating a study schedule, and using tools like planners to combat overwhelming feelings. Additionally, it recommends mindfulness and providing emotional support to address the stress’s emotional aspects.

Overcoming Procrastination – A Guide for Teenagers and Parents

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Introduction Procrastination, the arch-nemesis of productivity, especially plagues the teenage years, where distractions are numerous and self-discipline is still a developing trait. As a former teacher and current academic performance coach, I’ve seen firsthand how procrastination can hinder a young person’s academic journey. In this blog post, I will share insights and strategies to help […]

Understanding the Role of Private Tutoring in Teenage Education

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As a parent, watching your teenager navigate the complexities of their educational journey can be both rewarding and challenging. There are moments when you might notice your child could benefit from some additional support outside the traditional classroom setting. With a myriad of options available today, from private tutoring or teaching to online resources to […]

Choosing the Right A-Level Subjects for Your Teenager

Introduction Choosing the right A-Level subjects for your teenager is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their future. A-Levels, also known as Advanced Levels, are qualifications typically taken by students in the UK during their final two years of secondary education. These qualifications play a vital role in university admissions and can greatly influence […]

Effective time management techniques for teenagers in education?

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Crafting a Study Timetable to aid time management The first essential time management technique for teenagers in education is creating a study schedule. This might seem like an obvious choice, but its effectiveness cannot be underestimated. The concept of this strategy involves drafting a document that encapsulates all your ongoing commitments such as sports clubs, […]

What Academic Performance Coach Certification Programs are there available?

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Academic Performance Coach Certification Programs Here at Academic Performance Coaching, we aren’t interested in creating new certifications programs or additional qualifications for young people. We just want to focus on helping young people fulfil their potential. If you are interested in findout out more about our academic coaching programmes, then please email me: If […]

Ikigai: Finding Purpose, Passion and Motivation to Study in Your Life

Ikigai and the motivation to study: Welcome! In this article, we dive deep into a concept that can help you craft your long-term goals and find clarity in your life’s journey as well as helping find that crucial motivation to revise – the Japanese concept of Ikigai. If you’re grappling with finding your unique direction […]

Harnessing the power of goal setting to boost GCSE and A-Level grades.

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In this article, we will cover: Why set goals? Broadly speaking, as humans, we are goal oriented. Whether that goal is to hunt and gather enough food to survive the day or to become a CEO. Once we have set a goal, typically we focus our efforts and work toward achieving that goal. However, with […]